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Multipurpose smart homes



Individually designed 

We build modular homes for all your needs. Our homes can be your main residence all year around as we as a second home. You can buy your dream house of the shelf from our existing range, as well as we can design it from scratch according to  your individual needs.

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Prefab manufacturing

Prefabricated technologies are the future of construction of small dwellings. Your superior quality home will be built with high precision in our factory in Lithuania. 


Design, manufacturing,  delivery, installation

We manage your project from its conception to the delivery and installation. We will use all our experience to achieve the best result. Our typical communication and engagement usually .... 

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How it works

  1. An initial meeting (face to face or online) with our architect. It would be beneficial if you can provide drawings for the plot of land and hopefully its topography prior or during the meeting, so we can clarify the task, work out your budget, and provide our feedback. 

  2. After the meeting, we will prepare a proposal. 

  3. If you accept our proposal we will ask you for a deposit of 2000 euros to cover the design and development costs. This  deposit is included in the price of the house and this will be clearly reflected in the final bill.  

  4. Afterwards, we will visit and inspect the site, carry out  onsite survey, then make the individual architectural plans for your input and ultimate approval. 

  5. After your approval of the architectural plans, we make a design drawings. 

  6. After the completion of the design work (2-6 weeks - depends on complexity and number of interactions), we calculate the exact cost of the project. 

  7. The contractual agreement is executed subject to  your approval.

  8. Manufacturing will take from  2 to 6 months depending on the complexity of your project and our manufacturing slots. Prepayment of 50% at the conclusion of the contract, the rest in stages.  

  9. While we are manufacturing your house, you order a foundation according to our drawings (a simple pile, we will recommend a contractor) and facilitate the connection of the networks and utilities.

  10. Installation 1- 3 days, fine-tuning 5 -10 days and you can move in. 

  11. Houses can be equipped with 2 double-glazed windows, underfloor water heating, heat pump, smart control system. There may be compliance with class A+.

  12. If you are ready for a meeting, please call +37066517573 or email


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Our address

Gelezinkelio 41b, Baltoji Voke m.,

LT-17235, Lithuania

phone: +37 (066) 517 573

Looking for a job?

Please send your resume and cover letter to:

Call: +37066517573

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